In this post for Solicitors Journal David Allen Green, solicitor and legal commentator, calls for more legal blogging, particularly from solicitors. 

He sees blogging as a way of improving the public understanding of the legal issues and raising the level of debate. Blogging he says, 'with its flexibility and ability to link to materials, is an incomparable way' of communicating with a wide audience.

Green highlights some of the best online writing and notes that many regular bloggers are barristers. You will find some really good recommendations if you are not yet an aficionado of the legal blog, but where are the solicitor bloggers, he asks? He suspects that 'rigid social media policies, risk-averse partners, and over-powerful 'comms' departments' may be important factors in limiting the pool of solicitor bloggers, a shame given the importance of the perspective of the solicitor practitioner to an understanding of legal issues.

So, perhaps it is time for solicitors to get blogging?