Fees for immigration and asylum appeals are set to jump up by a whopping 500% in an attempt by the Government to recoup the cost of proceedings. My view is that, similar to what happened when fees were introduced in the Employment Tribunal, we are likely to see a massive drop in appeals.  

While it is true that not all appeals brought in the First Tier Tribunal have fantastic merits, as it was the case with claims brought in the Employment Tribunals, my concern, and I am sure I am not alone, is that there are many that do have merits and it is right and proper that decisions regarding immigration and asylum matters and which are often life-changing to applicants and their families, should be challenged.  

How many applicants, who may not be seen as 'vulnerable' and therefore exempt from paying the fees,  will simply be put off challenging wrong or questionable decisions made by the Home Office? 

We will await the outcome of the consultation.