Mentions of ethics seem to be cropping up everywhere at the moment. Not least with the looming 1 November deadline for all solicitors to start operating under the continuing competence CPD regime: ethics has a prime slot in one of four ‘strands’ of competence. The focus for learning and development in the future should not just be technical legal practice, but also wider issues such as personal skills, teamwork and professionalism.

And it sounds like some firms may have their work cut out, if the survey results mentioned in this Legal Futures article are anything to go by. “Between a fifth and a quarter of … students were prepared to admit hypothetically that they were willing to falsify time records for personal (and business) gain.” Yikes!

Employers/firms clearly have a role to play here in not placing such extreme demands on their employees that they feel compelled to fabricate records to meet targets, but the study also points to the responsibility of law schools to consider how they prepare their students for the world of work as a lawyer.

*Please excuse the pun.