Over the last week or two, Twitter has been buzzing with lawyers sharing a snapshot of how they entered the legal profession. The hashtag 'mypathtolaw' was started by a University of Exeter law lecturer who sought real-life stories of non-traditional paths to the law. 

Bursaries, grants and other non-parental financial support have been a notable feature of many stories, but such resources are not always easy to find. 

The Sunday Times featured a young entrepreneur, Myles Jardine, who has developed an app designed to aid aspiring students in finding financial support. His app, GrantFairy, now lists grants worth in total just under £1bn.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority's planned changes to how solicitors qualify are intended to reduce barriers to entry to the profession, partly by reducing the cost of reaching qualification. There is much debate within the sector about whether the regulator's proposals will achieve this aim and indeed whether the process even needs to be overhauled, but the changes are surely coming. Last week, the SRA submitted its proposal to the Legal Services Board for approval. Watch this space!