The Solicitors Regulation Authority is quite a fan of canvassing opinion (even if you want to debate how effectively it responds to the outcome), and the results of its latest study make for interesting reading. 

It commissioned research to look at decision-making by members of the public in relation to buying conveyancing services. It included a survey of around 1,000 recent home buyers, and a randomised trial of 4,000 members of the public who were asked to pick a legal services provider based on website mock-ups.

A mere 6% of those surveyed said they chose their conveyancing solicitor based on the cheapest price, while 72% made their choice based on a recommendation, whether a friend or a colleague, or an 'intermediary'. 

The methodology of the survey is a little confusing but if you're interested in the current debate about 'price transparency' (i.e. whether solicitors should be forced by the SRA to show prices on their website) it's worth a browse. You can access the full report here:

Of course, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that word-of-mouth is a highly effective way to win future instructions. Trust and a personal recommendation are so valuable when individuals are looking for legal support at an important time of their lives - whether it's buying a house, getting a divorce or making arrangements for elderly relatives. 

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