In less than a month, bills of costs will have to be filed in the new electronic spreadsheet format. It’s been a while coming, as the original start date of October 2017 had to be put back to ensure the IT infrastructure at County Courts could handle electronic bills.

The aim of the new bill is to bring transparency and clarity to costs: the greater level of detail means padding cannot be hidden, and scrutiny is more straightforward.

But, of course, this extra detail has to come from somewhere! Time recording will be at the heart of this detail, so impeccable habits will be necessary or accuracy will be compromised. Unsurprisingly, there are concerns about the additional administrative work created.

As with the introduction of any new process and technology, teething problems are anticipated as parties and courts get to grips with the new bill.

Time to get ready!

For anyone who needs to get up to speed with the workings of the new bill, Central Law Training is delighted to present a new course delivered by Claire Green. Claire is a costs lawyer and a member of the Hutton Committee responsible for the preparation of the new bill, so she’s ideally placed to explain the rationale and how the bill works in practice. Most importantly, you’ll also have the opportunity to try your hand at completing your own bill.

Find out more about Claire’s course, which runs in London on 10 April and Birmingham on 18 April, here: